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300 Mile PWC Endurance Race!

Le Mans style race, 300 miles, can partner up or run Ironman (single racer).  Standups welcome.  You will need a pit crew nd enough fuel to race 300 miles.  Racers usually trun over racers every four to five laps.   


Feb 24, 2018.  Followed by a great awards banquet put on by Mike Follmer.  ENTRY FORM IS DUE IN BY FEB 1, 2018.     


Lake Havasu City, AZ USA at Crazy Horse Campground

Flying International?

Fly in to Las Vegas, NV and enjoy the three hour drive to Havasu   

Got Pit Crew?

Check out PWCOFFSHORE.COM's page on Pit Crews, they are the best in the business  

Who won last year?

Kawasaki (Again).  Jean Bruno Pastorello and Jean Baptiste Botti on the Kawasaki ULTRA 310R. Kawasaki craft have won this race nine years in a row 

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Mark Hahn Race Overall Winners


2017: Team Pastorell /Botti, KAWASAKI ULTRA 310R (6th win!) France 
2016: Team Pastorello, KAWASAKI ULTRA 310R  France
2015: Pastorello / Botti KAWASAKI ULTRA 310R France 
2014: Craig Warner, KAWASAKI ULTRA 310R USA
2013: Bruno Pastorello / Chris MacClugage, KAWASAKI ULTRA 300X France 
2012: Bruno Pastorello / Ente Sylvain, KAWASAKI ULTRA 300X France 
2011: Carlier / Pastorello, KAWASAKI ULTRA 300X France 
2010: Victor Sheldon / Craig Warner, KAWASAKI ULTRA 260X USA 
2009:  Mark Gerner / Robert Carreon, KAWASAKI ULTRA 250X USA 
2008: Andy Wise / Bobby Hall, SEADOO RXP USA 
2007:  John Belton / Tracy Malan, ULTRA250X, KAWASAKI ULTRA 250X USA
2006:  Steve Friebe / Matt Legerski, SEADOO RXP USA
2005:  Mike Follmer / Billy Womack, YAMAHA USA 

PWC / Jet Ski Manufacture Mark Hahn Championships / Winner Count:
Kawasaki: 10
Seadoo: 2
Yamaha: 1

Country Championships
USA : 7
France: 6 

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2016 Mark Hahn Memorial

 Mark Gerner's team WWW.PWCOFFSHORE pitting in less than one minute